Some Of Our Happy Schools

Little Acorns

We were recommended to Cerys and her team by a parent and thought we would try it for the After School Club.

The children that attend the class really enjoy it and confidently try out the new moves.

It was easy to book classes that suited us and the parents are happy for the children to have an extra-curricular activity after a day at school.

It works well for our Pre-school and the staff.

Rachel Blackwell

Manager - Little Acorns Pre-School, Twyford

Bearwood Primary

We had no ‘before school’ clubs before Cerys and her team provided us with one. Now there are a large group of children from Key Stage 1 and 2 who are able to experience high quality dance lessons which they love.

We were very confident after meeting Cerys – we have found working with Cerys and her team almost effortless. They have always been contactable and helpful.

Recently Cerys offered us a free taster session for the children in Key Stage 2 to boost participation. Our children have been able to showcase the skills they have learnt confidently at a local dance festival.

Victoria Hiles

Clubs Co-ordinator, Bearwood Primary School, Wokingham

St Edwards Prep

We didn’t have any form of dance taught and being a boys only school we had to find something that would appeal to boys.

We didn’t have any reservations, we discussed the service with Cerys and had a taster session that we observed before we made the decision to enlist Cerys’s services.

We have always received a reliable, professional service from Cerys and her team.

Tracy Glass

School Business Manager, St Edwards Preparatory School, Reading

Karen JonesParents had been asking for dance classes for their children so we were looking for someone who could relate to young children, conduct classes in English, understand the needs of young children and the importance of developing their self-esteem and confidence as well as co-ordination, rhythm and balance. We were all very excited about have an experienced creative teacher and were looking forward to incorporating performances by the children for their parents on our family event days.

Cerys was always positive and enthusiastic about working with the young children and excited about sharing performances with all the school community. She prepared the children well building up their skills and confidence through structured steps. The best result was their enthusiasm about moving to music and exploring their self expression, as well as their confidence to dance in front of an audience.

We all loved our dance classes and there is now a huge hole to fill. I also need to say how lovely it was seeing boys and girls with no gender stereotyping all enjoying expressing themselves through dance to music.

Karen Jones

Headteacher, Hampton International Pre-School, Bangkok

Tony WeirCerys has engaged both boys and girls in dance across the whole primary school age range. Our teachers have loved learning how to teach dance and are keen to learn more.

I would recommend Cerys’s services for both PE sessions and as an after school club. It really helps that Cerys is both a teacher and dance teacher.

Tony Weir

Deputy Headteacher, St John's Primary School, Bristol

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