About Cerys and Street Feet Dance®

My name is Cerys and I am the founder of Street Feet Dance®. As an experienced primary school teacher and qualified dance specialist, I am an expert in primary dance education.

At Street Feet Dance®, my team of dance specialists work with primary schools who want to increase PE participation across the school. The schools we partner with may struggle to engage girls and boys in Physical Education or just want to add more variety to their school PESSPA provision. They would also like to up-skill their class teachers.

Unlike other school sports providers, we specialise in dance. As such, our teachers are all specialists with a wealth of professional dance experience. We have worked with over 50 UK primary schools, helping them to get their pupils excited about dance, whilst up-skilling their class teachers in the process. As a result, our partner schools have more engagement in PE and their pupils and teachers are more confident with their knowledge and skills in teaching dance and want to learn more.

Why I help primary schools to increase PE participation through dance lessons

To explain what led me to partnering with primary schools, I must first explain my own past experiences.

I used to be a primary school teacher and in nearly every primary school I worked at, I became the dance specialist. The problem was that many of the other class teachers within these schools were not confident in teaching dance. At best, some of them would put on an audio/video dance instruction for their pupils to follow but some had even been known to leave dance off the curriculum altogether! This had led to some pupils – often girls – becoming disengaged with PE and some schools even began to believe that their pupils were simply not interested in dance.

With my background in dance, I wanted to help these teachers and their pupils by sharing my passion with them. I developed schemes of work for EYFS Dance, KS1 Dance and KS2 Dance and taught dance lessons to each year group, together with their class teachers, showcasing the pupils’ efforts in assemblies and productions, whilst identifying Gifted and Talented children and entering them into local dance festivals. Our aims at Street Feet Dance® are to help even more schools to get their pupils participating more in PE through Dance.


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